Fortune Favours the Brave 2014

materialSterling Silver, Raw Citrine

size. 25mm x 45mm

I visited Taronga Zoo in Sydney a few years back, whilst watching the Bird Show, they brought out a Black Breasted Buzzard, an Australian raptor that uses a rock grasped in its beak to break open eggs for its meals. I find myself thinking about this giant bird often, how it was so determined to open the fake egg the keeper made for it so it could devour the morsel of meat inside. The fortune, the prize. I decided to recreate this with a twist. Instead of a Buzzard head, I chose to make the head of a raven, birds who are highly intelligent and resourceful, and birds who are known for stealing shiny objects and trinkets. As with the Raven or the Buzzard, it is most definitely fortune that favours the brave for they are brave enough to seek and try. Because of this I chose raw Citrine as it is traditionally believed to bring the wearer success, abundance and fortune.