Sein ist Wahrgennomen Werden 2015

materialLeather, Nickel Silver,
Human Hair, Graphite Powder

Variable size

To be restricted in movement is to test one’s boundaries. We are at the mercy of whomever restricted us, be it in how we are viewed or what we can do with our movement. What happens when we push this further? So that we are disallowed to move entirely lest we are caught and punished? Then what happens when an element of sexual deviance is added? We are nude to whomever views us, we are harnessed in something with fetish connotations. Does that make you struggle more?
Sein ist wahrgennomen werden is an attempt to explore jewellery as a fetishized tool of restriction to force the wearer to re-evaluate their personal boundaries and come to terms with the idea that to be seen is to be perceived and a lot of the time you are unable to affect that perception, perhaps you will only add to it.