Rock Steady, Be Real Engagement & Wedding Ring set

materialSterling Silver, Synthetic Zirconia

size. 20mm x 25mm

Just like a sturdy boulder, a marriage can appear strong and solid from the outside. Sometimes you see flashes of glittering gemstones embedded in the stalwart surface, distracting or attracting attention to the best bits of themselves. But if these rocks should come under pressure, cracks can form, turning into great crevasses that divide the mass. Here we get a glimpse into the darkness, the hidden detriment. 

In marriage there is often times pressure from society or family to keep the problems in the relationship hidden to deal with them privately. This inevitably leads to cracks, rifts, forming between the two. This ring set shows that even though when the two in the marriage are together they look solid as a rock, when cracks form and things start to shift, problems start to show through like dark fissures. Take one away from the other and what was hidden is totally revealed. Maybe society should be more forgiving of the negative aspects of modern marriages? Maybe sometimes it should be ok to show vulnerability, to show off the hidden problems. Wear one ring, or the other, or both with the dark side hidden. Just make sure to be real.

Photos by Nima Ashrafi