Laura Jack is an Australian artist and contemporary jeweller, based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. 


Laura is the kind of person who is not afraid to share her different or “interesting” way of looking at the world and how we live in it. This can be seen in her conceptual art pieces that comment on current issues ranging from the ethics of mass production of meat products in her bronze and bone piece called Mikro Makro: A Mountain of small deaths to the male gaze and perceptions of female beauty explored in the pieces Sein ist Wahrgennomen Werden made from human hair and Drinking Perspective, her first piece blown in glass. Controversially topical, Laura’s aim is always to challenge everything generally thought to be obvious, and in doing so to encourage public discourse around global issues, inspired by the art activist Ai Wei Wei.


Coming from a communications and graphic design background, Laura has moved away from the mainstream flow of the media, instead choosing to challenge it’s voice. This does not mean she thinks it is wrong, only that she believes everything should be questioned. 

The latest collections are inspired by the Japanese design philosophy of Wabi Sabi, and the borders and the edges of lands. These are the hidden beauty in the earth’s crust and the harsh landscapes found at the edges of tectonic plates where the solid can become molten, whole can be broken, the invisible can become tangibly beautiful. She believes there is no such thing as a “semi-precious” stone, all stones and minerals have their own inherent preciousness including synthetic stones, that don’t cause environmental damage or take advantage of low socioeconomic peoples to obtain.


These works are individually and ethically hand-crafted and manufactured using classic stone carving and contemporary gold and silversmithing techniques. It is through this approach that a balance is struck between traditional craft and contemporary design to articulate her ideas into physical form. Laura sees personal style as an fundamental channel for self expression. Her work explores the inherent beauty and hidden nature of the mineral world beneath us.


Having studied BA Design (Visual Communication) and BA Visual Arts, she is now studying her Masters of Fine Arts. Laura has exhibited in group shows in Sydney, Australia, more recently in Munich, Germany for Schmuck week as part of the Not Only Decoration Collective, a not for profit organisation start up she runs with her friend Stephie Morawetz.



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